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StarLite Majesty Dining Yacht
Clearwater, Florida
The StarLite Majesty Dining Yacht is a sleek and modern 115-foot ship offering day and evening fine dining cruises six days a week. Large picture windows offer all diners panoramic views of the coast as the ship cruises the smooth, scenic inland waters of Florida’s gulf coast. The vessel’s contemporary atmosphere and sumptuous choice of entrées, prepared fresh to order, combined with the stunning views and live entertainment offer passengers an unforgettable dining experience. The StarLite Majesty can accommodate up to 280 passengers for a sit-down meal and up to 350 for a cocktail function.
StarLite Sapphire Dining Yacht
St. Petersburg, Florida

The StarLite Sapphire Dining Yacht is a sleek and stylish 113-foot ship. It is the newest addition to the StarLite Cruises fleet and the most desired vessel in Tampa Bay. This fully modern vessel offers unparalleled atmosphere and remarkable views. The vessel’s star quality and enticing menu combine for an extraordinary dining experience. The StarLite Sapphire can accommodate up to 150 passengers for any type of function.


StarLite Dining Yachts

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